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Top Nose Surgery Questions

One of the top nose surgery questions that many people ask their surgeon is whether or not they can consume alcohol while they are under the knife. Many surgeons will recommend that you stop drinking alcohol prior to the procedure, and you don’t get drunk while you are in the recovery period either. However, you may find yourself needing to drink while your nose heals. There are ways around this problem, though, but first let’s take a look at what alcohol does to the nose in the first place.

Alcohol dries up the tissues of the nose, causing the tissues to swell and become thick. This thick tissue then pulls away from the cartilage and creates a bump. As alcohol dries up the cartilage and the bump increases in size, it can cause a ringing or clicking sound. When you drink alcohol, you increase the risk of developing this problem. Of course, some people are more likely to develop it than others, but if you think that you may have a problem then you should talk with your surgeon about the best ways to combat it. There are other complications associated with alcohol, including the possibility of developing infection on the nose.

Another top nose surgery questions that you might be interested in asking is how long the recovery time will be. Generally, recovery time is a few days to a few weeks, depending on how severe your injury was. In general, people get better after a week of rest, however. If your doctor recommends you stay home after surgery, make sure that you inform your family and friends so that they know where you’re going.

Another of the top nose surgery questions that you may have is how well the surgeon cleans the area after the surgery. Your surgeon will clean the nose and surrounding areas thoroughly after each surgery, but it doesn’t always happen as it should. You should also ask your surgeon about any post-op care and follow up visits, including ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible with your new nose.

Finally, one of the top nose surgery questions that you may be interested in asking is if you will lose your sense of taste for certain foods after the surgery. Most people get over the taste for certain foods in a couple of months, but some people do lose it even sooner. If this happens to you then you should ask your surgeon about the possibility of an otoplasty, which can help to restore your taste.

As you can see, there are some top-nose surgery questions you need to ask your surgeon before you go under the knife. Although they may seem quite mundane, there are actually a lot of different answers to these questions that your surgeon will give you. If you are open and honest with your surgeon and discuss your concerns, he or she can help you figure out exactly what the best answer is for you.

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