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4 Reasons to Stay in Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Most business and leisure travelers usually book hotels for accommodation. However, this is now quickly changing as serviced apartments in Singapore are gaining popularity. Serviced apartments are quality accommodations that are fully furnished and equipped with all the utilities & facilities. And unlike conventional accommodation hotels, serviced apartments offer contract flexibility and competitive rates.

Choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel room might be a better choice for you, and here are four reasons why:

1. It’s more affordable than you think.

Serviced apartments are not just ideal for business and leisure travelers but also budget travelers. The monthly rental usually starts from $3500 for a studio-sized apartment with one to three bedrooms. Some apartment providers even offer free monthly utility cap, from $150 to $250. Some providers even offer guests flexible payment options, especially those who intend to stay for a short period only.

If you own a business, choosing serviced apartments in Singapore can help you save money. Instead of renting or buying an office, why not look for serviced apartments that provide a conducive working environment? The best part is you pay a fixed rate and enjoy all the services that are similarly found in hotels. These include entertainment services, parking space, swimming pool, gym, and more.

2. It gives you that “home away from home” feeling.

Most serviced apartments give that cozy and homey feeling. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease. Also, you won’t feel homesick because it’s like you’re just at home. It feels like an extension of your life rather than just an accommodation.

The spaces and interiors of serviced apartments in Singapore are designed to provide you with convenience and peace of mind. You’ll get to experience a wonderful stay that you won’t enjoy in hotels. Imagine yourself living in a spacious room where you can both reside and work, and a place where you can do your laundry and cooking. It’s your safe place. It’s where you allow yourself to feel most like you and just be who you are.

3. It’s strategically located.

Most serviced apartments are found in great locations – in cities, busy areas, and quiet places. They come in handy when you are on a business trip and you are looking for an ideal space that is close to the city hub. Serviced apartments in Singapore are commonly found in Clementi, Novena, Orchard, Tanjong Pajar, and Tiong Bahru.

Or if you are traveling for leisure and you just want to relax, you can also find one that is closer to nature.

4. It provides you with maximum privacy and flexibility.

Aside from giving occupants a homey vibe, serviced apartments also provide maximum privacy and flexibility, especially when you need some peace and quiet. This is ideal for people who want some “me time” but don’t want to pay the hotel price tag.

Moreover, compared to hotels where there are many distractions and possible interruptions, serviced apartments ensure guests enjoy their privacy to the fullest. No formalities whatsoever, and you have the option to have your place kept clean weekly without getting interrupted.

Ready to Book?

Hope these four reasons convinced you to choose serviced apartments when looking for a place to stay. Booking serviced apartments Singapore is simple and easy. No lengthy procedures and no large deposit is required. Give it a try today! You won’t regret it.